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Keti Pachulia

Keti Pachulia

With an extremely supportive family, Kelly was born into the art world. Her grandma got her the very first set of pencils and ever since she hasn't been able to let go. Kelly was inspired to create her first painting at the age of eight, resulting in a beautiful portrait of her grandfather.

Unlike her influences' Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso she loves to use pencil for the perfect shadowy outcome. Her favorite artist of all time is Vincent Van Gogh, as his vibrant combination of colors is wonderful. Besides Van Gogh, Kelly finds herself inspired by everything around her, varying from emotionally to mentally. Inside and out, she is a perfectionist. Her number one rule is attention to detail, as she constantly proves by making all eyes come to life, to really capture the feelings felt in that particular moment.

When Kelly has a day off you could say she is never resting, as she feels most relaxed when she is behind the camera taking snapshots of her favorite spots in the city.

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