Paint My Pet
Turn Your Photo Into A Pet Painting

Custom Handmade Pet Portraits Painted From Your Photos. The Best Way To Cherish Your Pet Forever!

Create a timeless memory of your beloved pet. Using a selected photo you provide, our custom handmade pet portraits are a perfect addition to your home or serve as a great gift for the pet lover in your life. Browse our gallery below to find an artist to capture the distinct physical details and unique personality of a furry loved one.


Pet Portraits

100% handmade custom pet portraits from photos. All our pet paintings, either dog portraits or cat portraits are created by professional artists. The perfect gift for pet lovers! Pet Portraits

"Oh my goodness! This is amazing. This is so special. You've captured their personalities exquisitely! This is ..."


acrylic painting of a happy black dog

Painted for Cynthia

Painted for Cynthia
an oil painting of a black and white blue eyed husky malamut brush strokes

Painted for Angela

Painted for Angela